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"Consider entering marriage not as two half people becoming one whole,
but rather as two whole people becoming one union"

- C S Lewis

Between 1995 and 2007 I undertook around 150 weddings, baby namings and wedding blessings ceremonies. I was a celebrant authorised through the Baptist Church. On retiring from full-time work I endeavoured to become an independent celebrant. Unfortunately I am no longer able to undertake legal marriage ceremonies, essentially because the Registrar General has determined that there are sufficient Marriage Celebrants in my residential area, and my application for registration as an independent celebrant was therefore declined.

I do, however, conduct child naming ceremonies (secular 'christenings' sometimes called 'welcoming ceremonies') and I also conduct wedding blessings (ie ceremonies where couples have (for example) been married overseas but wish to hold a ceremony in New Zealand for their friends and family who could not attend the ceremony, or for those who wish to rededicate themselves to each other after a period of time, or perhaps after a period of difficulty in their relationship).

If you are seeking a celebrant for a legal ceremony please visit:, or . These sites also contain helpful information on weddings. 

For information on the legal aspects of getting married in New Zealand please go to the NZ Government Department of Internal Affairs website

Here are some photos of some of the weddings that I have lead or couples I have married:


If you wish, and I am not otherwise committed, I will be very happy to act as celebrant for your baby naming or wedding blessing ceremony.

I'm Larry Robbins. I served for 26 years in the Royal New Zealand Navy. I commanded naval ships and for 18 months served as an honorary aide-de-camp to the Governor General of New Zealand. I thus have some experience of formal functions and ceremony.

For almost 8 years I was the Chief Executive of the NZ National Maritime Museum.

I am now semi-retired and undertake a variety of activities.

For 10 years I was a marriage celebrant accredited by the NZ Department of Justice through the Milford Baptist Church and fulfilled this role as a part of my church's service to the community. As noted above, I endeavoured to get registration as an independent celebrant but was not successful.

In conducting wedding blessings ceremonies I am pleased to conduct ceremonies that follow Christian or secular lines as I accept that not everyone holds the same beliefs. In a naming or welcoming ceremony I try to work with the family in such a way that all your family and friends, what ever their background, can relate to what is being said, likewise with marriage blessing ceremonies.

The ceremony can be as long or short as you wish, but the ceremony itself usually lasts around 25 minutes (12-15 minutes or so for namings).



I do not charge for my time but ask that you refund any out-of-pocket expenses (these will be agreed beforehand). I do not require any expenses within the local Auckland area.

If we decide to proceed, I also ask that you make a donation of about $NZ250 to:

The International Sailors' Society (welfare work amongst seafarers)

Please place your donation in a sealed envelope and pass it to me before the ceremony.  I will ensure that it is passed on and that you receive a receipt for tax purposes.


All enquiries, correspondence etc (normally by phone/email)
Meeting to confirm that I am what you are seeking in a celebrant for your naming ceremony or marriage blessing and to discuss ideas and options
Rehearsal (if required) - subject to availability and venue
The ceremony


Should all of this strike a chord with you and you would like to know the best way to start preparing a ceremony for you, then please contact me.

Larry Robbins OBE
42 Knights Road
Rothesay Bay
Auckland -630

Telephone 09 478 4782
Mobile 02
1 182 4545

Or use the Email contact form

There is no obligation upon you. You may change your mind at any stage without feeling that you will offend me!


Here are some photos of some of the weddings/namings  that I have lead or couples I have married (If you have a photograph of a wedding not featured here, I would be pleased to have it for exhibition here) :

Ashlea and Shawn (Hill) Okura, 27 January 2007

Arlene and Ben (Wilkinson) Sorrento, One Tree Hill, 20 January 2007

Gavin and Annie (Lomas) Long Bay 18 January 2007

Matthew and Lizzie, Long Bay 11 January 2007

Courtenay and Paul (Heaton) Murrays Bay 22 December 2006

Amanda and Leigh (Brett) Belsaas Estate 1 December 2006

Su Lynn and Cecil (Hor) Brightwater Estate 25 November 2006

Darren and Maria (Gussey) Waitakere Estate 15 April 2006

Alison and Brett (Inglis) Long Bay 2 March 2006

Audrey and Chris (Henderson), Bastion Point 18 February 2006

Kirsten and Phil (Gray), Parnell Rose Gardens 14 February 2006

Andrea and Jay Fort Takapuna, Devoport, 11 February 2006

Anne and Roger (Wilding), Edelweiss Cottage Stanmore Bay 4 February 2006

Tony and Allison (Ranby), Wilson Home Chapel 21 January 2006

Tanya and Shane (Cooper) on board Soren Larsen at Auckland 14 Jan 2006

Bastian and Amelie (Kleinwechter), Pataua Northland 28 December 2005

David and Margaret (Whitmore) Forrest Hill Auckland 22 October 2005

David and Marina, married in the chapel of the Seafarers Centre 10 Oct 2005

Paul and Natalie (Spooner) Narrow Neck Devonport 1 Oct 2005

Michael and Julia O'Gorman, Renewal of Vows, Hunting Lodge, 9 April 2005

Lea Scott-Donelan & Anne-Marie Flynn Married at St Stephen's Parnell, Auckland 2 April 2005

Bill and Noelene (Templeton) Campbells Bay 18 March 2005

Ken and Diane (Harrison) Onboard Regal Flyer 12 March 2005

Ann and Chris Lane Islington Bay, Rangitoto Island 5 March 2005

Lance & Liz  Bright Stanmore Bay 12 February 2005

Matt and Nori Washer Takapuna Boating Club 6 January 2005

Ross and Gaeleen (Neville) Red Beach 9 October 2004

Wayne and Samantha (Fitzpatrick) 26 September 2004 Waipuna Hotel

Gavin and Louise (Shaw) 11 September 2004, Wilson Home Chapel

David & Milly (Stiff) Mount Albert, Auckland, 17 July 2004

Naming of Hudson Harry Turner, Ponsonby Auckland, 9 May 2004

Bruce and Carole (Wyness) 12 April (Easter Monday) 2004

SUSAN  & STEFAN (NEWBURY)  4 April 2004

Jonathan & Susan (Taylor) 3 April 2004

Paul and Morwenna (Moran) 20 February 2004

Rachel and Martin (Longley) 6 February 2004

Mike and Amy (Manning) 18 Jan 2004

Andrew and Pam (Louis) 17 Jan 2004

Christopher and Jane (Barrett) 10 January 2004

James and Jessie (Oldnall) 7 January 2004

Haidee & Craig (Dowling) 24 Dec 2003

Daniel and Fiona (williams) 20 dec 2003

Kylie and Craig (Cornwall) 8 November 2003

Tony and Wendy (Stretton), 27 October 2003

Rhys and Amanda (Davies),  26 October 2003

Karen Inglis and Shameer Jasani 1 June 2003

Joseph Naufahu & Claire Smith 31 May 2003

Bruce Couper & Amanda Kelly 8 March 2003

Colin and Sarah Feb 2003

Michaelle & John Feb 2003

Linzi and David McGowan -18 Jan 2003

Scott & Angela Crook March 2002

Chien-Ru Lien and Po-Hao Chen, Nov 20 2001

Kevin and Julia Skiffington - Long Bay, March 2000

Sam and Karenza Harris - Warkworth  3 April 1999

Mike and Gill Lawrence - Motuihe Island 26 March 1999

Boyd and Karen Turner - Waikawa, Picton 6 March 1999

The photos on these pages will download slowly but may be freely saved and copied (unless otherwise indicated) but only for private use.

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