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I purchased 'King James' in December 1974 for $550.

He has suffered periods of neglect  but   underwent  a  period of refurbishment after our move to our present home where there is a fine garage.   (The other cars lived in the carport or in the drive!)   The re-chroming of the  bumpers cost more  (in dollars but not allowing for inflation) than the  original  cost  of buying the car! 

King James was named by a minister friend when he saw the original number plate   (AV3057)  (AV - 'Authorised Version' or 'King James' version of the bible). The number plate was changed to LR1000 in1979 at a cost of $4.50 (much better value than a personalised plate at $300+ !!)

In 2006 I realised that he was not being used and I started looking for a good home for him. In the middle of 2007 he was shipped to Queensland (West Island) where a lady called Jan is spoiling him rotten, but more importantly, seems to be thoroughly enjoyng him. I get frequent reports and updates!

King James is a four-door deluxe saloon built in the UK and first registered in NZ in 1959.  He now has over 212,000 miles 'on the clock' but the engine was rebuilt at 207,000 and the gearbox replaced (with a reconditioned unit from UK) at 209,000.

His Australian numberplates is KJV 02. Look out for him and say hi to Jan!

King James on a truck, heading for the Port and a new life.

First production Morris Minor - Photo by Larry Robbins  .jpg (108648 bytes) This is the first production Morris Minor at the Heritage Centre in the UK. We made a pilgrimage here in May of 1998. The red one behind is the 'works' fire engine built from a MM and capable of travelling between the assembly lines.

Auckland Morris Minor Club address:

Auckland Morris Minor Car Club Incorporated
PO Box 29-216
Greenwoods Corner
New Zealand

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